What handbag are you carrying this Spring?

As a handbag lover and owner of an accessory business, I’m always looking at everyone’s handbags. When I’m out and about I’m making observations on how people are carrying their purses and the sizes. I also pay close attention to colors because it helps me to stay updated on what’s  popular. Well, now that the New Year is here, we can think about what handbags we will carry for the Spring. While you are thinking about it, check out my beautiful handbags on Instagram @First_Lady_Re.  You can also fine some of my beautiful handbags on my website http://www.The1stLady.net. Whatever handbag you are carrying, wear it well!



1st Lady Purse Lady




Purses are one of a girls best friends! I know, I know everyone grew up hearing that diamonds are a girls best friend but actually we have several besties!